The Story of Stores

Galesville has been the hub of commerce in Southern Anne Arundel County since the days of the first Quaker settlement at in 1651. This village on the shore of the West River has only ever had about 500 residents, and yet Galesville has been able to support a number of general stores and other businesses over the years.

Why did such a small town have so many different stores throughout its history? In this exhibit, you’ll hear the stories that answer that question, meet some of these outstanding characters, learn what they sold — and what they didn’t sell — how credit supported an economy based upon trust between neighbors, and how the stores played an essential role in every childhood in the village.

Learn About Galesville

When a Tablet Needed Chalk: What was it like to learn in a two-room school house? Interact with some former students, who will share their experiences when they attended this small community school. Listen to oral histories as multi-generations answer the questions: How did you get to school? What was recess and lunch like? Was there a dress requirement? Are there any special memories that you cherish? and many others. Check out photos and memorabilia of the two room schoolhouse on Church Lane in Galesville at the Galesville Heritage Museum